The Story of Nambé

The Story of Nambé


The story of Nambé is a piece of history, intrinsically linked to the evolution of design.

Born in 1951 in the small town of Nambé, near Santa Fe, its aesthetic is a deeply authentic example of the ‘mid-century modern’ style that newer brands have attempted to reproduce ever since.

Its founder, Pauline Cable, perfectly captured the mood of the times and the unique spirit and energy of contemporary America’s South West.

Nambé is synonymous with mid-century design in the genre of lifestyle homeware. Sophisticated in a way that only good design can be, its iconic pieces offer a distinct originality and freshness of thinking that has stood the test of time.

More than looks alone, every exquisite piece has been conceived and crafted with an unsurpassed mastery, offering performance every bit as faultless as it is beautiful.

Nambé Inspiration
Nambé Inspiration



Ever since its conception, Nambé has remained rooted in New Mexico, and its iconic aesthetic still pays homage to the renowned artistic creativity and architectural style of the Santa Fe region.

The sublime desert landscapes of the surrounding environment also play their part in shaping its look and feel.

That’s not to say Nambé isn’t influenced by overseas travel and culture. After all, with some of the world’s most informed and talented designers behind its ranges, it’s no wonder that a little wanderlust also inspires its design.

Nambé pieces themselves like to travel too, which is why you’ll discover them in stylish homes and prestigious settings all over the world.


It isn’t merely the unparalleled design and artistry of Nambé that’s so special; it’s the meticulous selection of unique and premium materials too.

The alloy you’ll find in much of its work is a unique alchemy of eight distinct metals, offering the satisfying lustre of silver coupled with long-lasting good looks, to be appreciated now and by future generations.

This exclusive alloy also exhibits particularly impressive temperature retaining properties, which makes it the perfect material from which to serve chilled or heated dishes and drinks.

Pieces often incorporate the purity of glass, together with carefully sourced acacia wood, chosen for its characteristic grain.

Taken together, the overall aesthetic is every bit as satisfying and coherent as it is iconic.

Nambé Materials
Nambé Designers



Nambé is the work of a uniquely illustrious collective of designers, selected over decades from the finest in the world.

These artistic minds are personalities in their own right, but together they share an extraordinary flair for creating original mid-century modern inspired pieces that reflect not just their undeniable talent but their individuality too.

Unsurprisingly, between them they’ve won many of the most coveted design awards, including Red Dot, Pentawards and Interior Design Best of Year.

Even more satisfyingly for Nambé, their work for the brand has graced exhibitions at iconic museums and galleries all over the world, from The British Museum in London, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.