Add the finishing touches to the heart of your home with our collection of luxury kitchen accessories, expertly crafted by award-winning designers. From classic spoon rests and extravagantly large salt and pepper shakers to indulgent wooden fruit bowls, we've got you covered with everything you need to make a real style statement in your kitchen.

Much like a delicious meal without a garnish, no kitchen is complete without accessories. Our modern kitchen accessories enhance any space - whatever the aesthetic - by allowing you to synchronise your interior elements with each other, and create an ambience that elevates the everyday. Whether you’re prepping and cooking dinner for guests, upgrading your kitchen space or hosting a drinks celebration, you’ll be spoilt for choice with kitchen accessories from Nambé.

Kitchen Accessories

  1. Curvo Spoon Rest
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    Nambé Fruit Bowl
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  3. Novo French Rolling Pin
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