A versatile way to display everything from canapés to Sunday roasts, the Nambé kitchenware collection is as functional as it is stylish. With a range of exclusive materials, finishes, sizes and aesthetics to choose from, our kitchen trays and serving platters give you everything you need to breathe new life into your kitchen and dining spaces.

Hosting a dinner party? Entertaining friends with a cheese and wine soirée? Whatever the occasion, our kitchen boards, wooden kitchen trays and serving platters promise to deliver an authentic yet opulent feel. Ideal for preparing a breakfast banquet that looks as appetising as it tastes, or for putting on a seasonal spread that oozes sophistication, our kitchen boards, trays and platters have each been crafted by award-winning designers and artists. With wooden boards for serving picture-perfect plated canapes, to dip servers and centrepiece bowls for helpings of your buffet favourites, we have a kitchen tray that gives every buffet an elegant, classy twist.

Boards, Trays & Platters