Add a personal and unique touch to your space with our collection of luxury vases – a charming centrepiece for any tabletop, cabinet or surface. If you’re looking for contemporary vases to complement a stylish interior, or for a traditional silver vase to home your latest bouquet, we’ve got a selection of table vases to elevate every room of your house. Flawlessly designed by award-winning artists and curated using the highest quality materials, your vases will stand beautifully and maintain their lustre for many years to come.

Our luxury vases are designed with both style and functionality in mind, blending seamlessly into your home. From large glass vases to smaller options, the sleek and modern design of our table vases proves that simplistic design really is the art of sophistication. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, you’ll find modern vases that cater to every taste. Explore our selection of luxury vases and find the perfect addition to your home.


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    Pebble Twist Vase
  2. Stryker Vase