Put a fresh spin on your evening glass of wine with our collection of classic wine glasses and drinkware. Do you prefer a crispy, dry white wine? Or perhaps you’re more partial to the fruity, full-bodied red variety? Whatever you opt for, our wine glass sets have been artistically designed and expertly crafted to achieve an idyllic drinking experience.

When it comes to the perfect wine glass design, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re inviting guests over for a glass of vibrant bubbly or you’re popping open a bottle of blush for dinner, our stunning wine glasses are guaranteed to bring a stylish edge to every event. Expertly crafted with the finest quality materials, the Nambé glassware collection is sophisticated in a way that only timeless design can be. Its iconic pieces offer a distinct originality and freshness that has stood the test of time, offering durable styles and shapes for every occasion.

Wine Glasses