Glassware Glassware

Celebrate in style with Nambé glassware. From modern wine glasses and wedding flutes to contemporary cocktail glassware, embrace the feeling of appreciating points in time. Bringing flair to stemmed wine glasses, our Vie collection offers an oversized body and flat foot, perfect for raising a glass whatever the occasion. Through the meticulous selection of unique and premium materials, Nambé pieces incorporate the purity of glass to embody our design of the now, and a way of living in the modern world. Whether it’s an old fashioned or a crisp chardonnay, our cocktail and wine glass sets are tailored for every tipple. Beautifully crafted, our stemware delivers the art of function and the function of art for stylish homes. For entertaining with style, as statement pieces or gifts, Nambé glassware brings true design prestige and iconicity into your home.