The Art of the Bar Cart: How To Style Your Home Bar

Decorated and stylish, a functional bar cart can effortlessly upgrade any space with elegance and charm. Discover how to style a bar cart with Nambé.

Bar cart ideas

How to style a bar cart

There has never been a better time to invest in a bar cart. If you’re someone who enjoys an impromptu glass of wine in the evening or you fancy fixing up a cocktail after a long day in the home office, then having the freedom to create delicious beverages at your fingertips is most welcome.

A well-decorated bar cart can instantly upscale any space, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. All it takes to achieve the perfect bar cart aesthetic is a few additional elements and styling techniques. Looking to add a touch of character with vintage glassware and decanters? Want to introduce a traditional ambience to your drinking experience with matching accessories? Whatever your preferred interior style, we’ll help you finish your desired look with carefully curated accents and accessories. With our stunning bar cart ideas, you’ll have everything you need to put your liquor on show in a classy, elegant way.

What to put on a bar trolley

A leap back in time to a more simple way of life, a bar cart brings a dash of old Hollywood glamour and refinement to the home. But putting stunning visuals aside, there’s no end to the number of functional roles that this ever-fashionable accessory can play. So if you’re wondering what to put on a bar trolley, you need to first consider the necessities.

If you want to make a long-lasting impression and keep the spirit of the bar cart alive at all times, you need to carefully create a space where the essentials take centre-stage. An ice bucket is needed to keep drinks cool, crisp and chilled, while a high-quality decanter should also take priority, in order to expertly preserve the flavour and aroma of spirits. If you tend to embrace your inner mixologist, you’ll also need to add a cocktail stirrer, shaker, strainer and spirit measure into the mix. But no cocktail is complete without a garnish, so try adding a bar board and knife set to your bar cart. Outside of that, you’ll also need the appropriate glassware, a corkscrew, wine opener, a set of tongs for ice, a cork stopper and a bottle opener. Once you’ve covered the basic bar trolley accessories to ensure its functionality is accurate, then you can start to think about the stylistic elements that accompany them.

Bar trolley accessories
Bar trolley accessories

Bar cart cabinet styling

When learning how to style a bar cart, there are several key elements to bear in mind – and bar trolley accessories go far beyond a designer decanter or a luxury set of champagne flutes. But everyone has a different vision for their home that’s unique to them. Perhaps instead of a bar trolley, you’ve opted for a built-in cabinet or unit? If so, you’ll need to work extra hard to ensure it shines in the same way that a classic bar cart does. The best form of bar cart cabinet styling will effortlessly make your bar a focal point of your home, so choosing the perfect adornments and finishing touches is what will make a real statement. To get you started on designing your home bar – whether it’s a trolley, cabinet or cupboard – here are a few key styling tips to consider:

1. Less is more

Bar carts should be visually appealing, but never overcrowded. With this in mind, try only displaying your most lavish bottles – as opposed to putting everything out together. With an overflow of drinks bottles, your bar cart will have very little room left over for the essential bar trolley accessories and styling decorations.

2. Utilise photo frames

A photo frame is the ideal decoration for a bar cart. Perhaps you have a homemade cocktail menu you can print and slip into a frame? Or maybe a bar sign or retro drinks print that you want to display? Whatever you choose, a stunning photo frame offers a polished and sophisticated look without much effort on your part.

3. Don’t forget the nibbles

A delectable drink is nothing without an accompanying snack or canapé – especially if you’re celebrating an occasion at home. To keep the cravings at bay while upkeeping the stylish aura of your bar cart, place one or two condiment pots or small serving bowls together and fill them with mixed nuts, olives, dips, tapenades and crisps. Bon Appetit!

4. Use decorative trays

Combine serenity and fine design with a serving tray or board to group items together, such as glasses, bar trolley accessories or bottles. As well as keeping your bar cart neat and orderly, a flat or handled tray instantly upgrades the overall aesthetic.

5. Instil a touch of personality

Although maintaining a standard of style and design, a bar cart should also celebrate your own individuality. That’s why completing the look with a stand-out accessory is recommended. An elegant vase of seasonal flowers, a candlestick or candle holder, or a decorative centrepiece bowl are all perfect pieces to add that all-important finishing touch to a bar cart of any style.

Bar cart inspiration
Bar cart inspiration

Bar trolley accessories

Full of bar cart inspiration? Ready to introduce some bar trolley accessories to your space? At Nambé, we have a luxury collection of barware and bar accessories that have been expertly crafted by award-winning designers and artists. Deeply rooted in tradition, our timeless pieces are made with authentic acacia wood, stunning glass and our own exclusive metal alloy. Making a real style statement, our bar trolley accessories effortlessly elevate the everyday home. From cocktail shakers and bar snack dishes to polished glassware and charming decanters, we’ve got everything your bar cart needs to make a lasting impression.

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