How To Introduce Mid-Century Modern Design to Your Home

What is mid-century modern design? And how can you introduce mid-century modern design to your home interior? Get inspired with our expert guide.

Mid-century modern design

How to Introduce Mid-Century Modern Design to Your Home

You’ve very likely heard of the timeless trend of mid-century modern design, but what do we really mean by it? And how can we introduce mid-century modern interior design to our homes? The enduring popularity of the mid-century modern era is notably famous for several reasons. Sleek clean lines, gentle organic curves, exclusive and contemporary materials and specialist designers that are still idolised to this day.

With creativity and culture at the heart of it all, our guide will cover how to design a mid-century modern home, taking into account the ethos, art and background of this unique style.

What does mid-century modern mean?

It’s not easy to define exactly what mid-century modern design is. Broadly, it describes a design movement that explores architecture, graphics, interior design, urban development and furniture. A movement that has grown increasingly in popularity and prevalence, mid-century modern design was born in the Southern-Western states of America, and has since grown on a huge scale, being utlised and admired all over the world.

The evolution of mid-century modern design has been strongly influenced by technology, the changing economy and world wars. As each of these led to suburbanisation in the USA, a demand for modern furnishings and interiors emerged, and contemporary homes were being built with a range of new, exciting materials. This in turn made it possible to discover new colours, textures and, ultimately, more opportunities.

What is mid-century modern design in the home?

So how do you introduce this authentic, modern design scope to your home? Essentially, mid-century modern design is all about the coming together of new materials, without straying from the original culture or style. To achieve this ornate look in your home, you need to be liberal with your use of traditional textures and colours by introducing wood, metal, glass, vinyl, plywood and even lucite to your interiors. This results in a colourful, poetic landscape in the home, creating an ambience that is neutral yet bold.

Distinguishing features like this give your home an understated elegance, with clean lines and durable function. Mid-century modern design doesn’t follow black and white rules. Instead, it focuses on the juxtaposition of different contrasting visuals and materials.

Mid-century modern home
Mid-century modern home

How to design a mid-century modern home

So you’ve decided that mid-century modern design works for you, but how does it work for your home? As with any interior design style or artistic movement, you should never feel compelled to replicate or imitate. Your home is exclusive to you, so your furnishings and accessories should be too.

The most crucial thing to learn when introducing a new style into your home, is understanding the distinct, refined features of the cultural elements behind that particular style, and finding the right pieces to echo that. But contrary to this, you need to add iconic statement pieces that fit your lifestyle, personality and individuality.

Do you prefer traditional, authentic textures? Our exclusive Acacia wood pieces will offer warmth and realism to your space. Going for more modern, lustrous tones? Our metal alloy polish and designer glass materials bring a bold, cool vibe that offers both form and function. Whatever your preferred aesthetic, build around it with charming, luxury pieces that radiate the ambience of mid-century modern design.

Mid-century modern interior design accessories

Looking for mid-century modern home accessories? Our collection will instantly have you feeling inspired. Deeply rooted in the evolution of mid-century modern design, the story of Nambé is a piece of history, and the aesthetic of our stylistic homeware is profoundly authentic. Capturing the unique spirit and energy of America’s South West region, our designers have put a modern spin on this classic time period – something that newer brands have been trying to reproduce and replicate ever since.

Nambé is synonymous with mid-century modern design in all of our exquisite lifestyle homeware. Sophisticated in a way that only timeless designs can be, our iconic statement pieces and luxury accessories offer a distinct originality and fresh way of thinking. Not only that, but every piece of our collection goes far beyond the visual, having been expertly crafted with an unsurpassed mastery that offers faultless performance time and time again.

Looking to transform your space? Take a look at our tableware, kitchenware, home accessories, barware and glassware – and allow the culturally famous Nambé pieces to travel to your home.

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