New Year, New Kitchen: 5 Trends You Need to Know About

Upgrading your kitchen space? Our expert guide reveals the latest kitchen trends, from contemporary two-tone décor to luxury accessories.

Luxury kitchen design

New Year, New Kitchen: 5 Kitchen Trends You Need to Know About

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen space or interiors? Perhaps you fancy the idea of a lavish kitchen island, a designer countertop accessory or statement splashback tiles? If you’re not sure where to get started, allow us to instil a touch of kitchen design inspiration to your vision. At Nambé, we’ve got the professional insights you need, with over 50 years of experience and knowledge in industry-leading design.

Latest kitchen trends

Choosing to invest in any element of your kitchen can prove invaluable. With our help, you’ll instantly feel inspired to make the right style choices for your home, with a look at the latest kitchen trends for 2021.

1. Wood Finishes

We’re not convinced that wood ever fell out of style, but it’s certainly enjoying a huge revival now. If you prefer to be more subtle about introducing wood finishes to your kitchen, use grained ash tones to enhance the warmth of your space. If you’re looking to make a stand-out lasting impression, opt for walnut or solid oak. The wood finish needn’t always be extended to every cupboard, drawer and floor tile though. Perhaps even just a few charming accessories or wood handle finishes are enough to tie the space together. If so, take a look at our stunning acacia wood kitchen accessories – a welcomed and fashionable addition to your new kitchen ambience.

2. Two-tone Kitchens

Depending on your preferred style of interior décor, a two-tone kitchen could really shape the aesthetic of your space. A co-ordinated colour scheme where everything matches might seem like a good idea in terms of complementing your appliances and general style, but combining two colours that blend together seamlessly adds a unique twist to your kitchen cabinetry. Effortlessly effective for both small and large spaces, deep, dark units contrasted with brighter shades elsewhere adds a level of depth and character to a kitchen that the alternative one-dimensional colour schemes simply cannot achieve.

And this exciting trend extends far beyond wall paint. From countertops and cabinets, to flooring and tiling, a two-tone visual gives you the freedom to explore several distinct design elements in just one room. One of the most simple ways to create this desired juxtaposition effect is to keep your accessories polished, sophisticated and refined – so no matter which textures and tones you choose, your kitchen accessories will continue to stand the test of time.

3. Smart Storage

Now more than ever, we’re striving to declutter our homes for a ‘cleaner’ look and feel. To achieve this, storage solutions are paramount. And while a kitchen is perhaps the most difficult space to maintain an orderly and tidy fashion, introducing well-placed, concealed storage naturally remedies this. This kitchen trend also sits alongside the rising popularity of vintage and traditional design, with more people paving the way to introduce pantries and larder cupboards to their space. To create the contrast that’s needed with a pristinely organised kitchen, use one or two prominent accessories to achieve the correct balance. For instance, try placing an authentic fruit bowl on a centre countertop or adding a wine rack to an empty corner.

4. Mixing Modernism with Tradition

When it comes to luxury kitchen design, traditional style holds its reputation well. In 2021, traditional kitchen trends are taking a step up by introducing more frequent pops of colour. For instance, combining a striking and brooding shade of navy on the walls with rich, solid oak cabinets. This contrasting partnership between old and new offers a statement, contemporary look with a modern twist, while simultaneously keeping tradition alive.

At Nambé, we’ve remained rooted in tradition, with our native influences stemming from New Mexico. The iconic aesthetic of this stunning region still pays homage to our designer collections today. So if you’re passionate about mid-century modern kitchen design, we’ve got the tableware, kitchenware and barware needed to achieve authentic character and charm.

5. Statement Floors

When looking for modern kitchen design ideas, it’s okay to throw the rulebook out. Amid the latest kitchen trends that cover décor, colours and accessories, is the possibility of having far more freedom than we’ve ever known. Having a kitchen space that’s unique in design and stylish in its artistry is all in the details. And the trick with this particular kitchen trend is to let the floor do the talking – while keeping everything else relatively minimal. The floor component of your luxury kitchen design can be styled with any type of cabinetry, but introducing open shelving is recommended for a more open, free-flowing aura. Statement tiles also sit beautifully against wooden kitchen accessories, bringing a glowing warmth to a bright space.

Kitchen design inspiration

Feeling inspired? At Nambé, we have a luxury collection of homeware, kitchenware and tableware that has been expertly crafted by award-winning designers and artists from all over the world. Made with authentic acacia wood, stunning glass and our unique metal alloy, our essential kitchen accessories make a real style statement, elevating the everyday home. So whichever luxury kitchen design elements you choose and whichever kitchen trends you follow, your accessories will help you achieve the perfect finish.

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