Bar Accessories: The Essentials

Whatever your interior style is, there’s a bar cart to match. But which bar accessories should you choose? And how do you style them? Find out in our guide.

Home drinks bar accessories

Bar Accessories: The Essentials

Whatever your interior style is, there’s always a bar cabinet or cart to match. But what are the essential bar accessories for every home? And what is the best way to style them? Whether you've got a vintage bar trolley, a few kitchen shelves that you’re using as a drinks display, or an extravagant home drinks bar with luxury stools and wine coolers, accessories can make the world of difference.

So, if you’re wondering how to style bar accessories, which glasses to choose or which cocktail utensils are needed, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the essential bar accessories.

Home bar ideas

Your essential bar accessories go far beyond a designer decanter or a pristine ice bucket. Everyone has a different vision for their home, and with drinks displays becoming a more popular interior trend, it’s clear that entertaining and hosting guests in the comfort of your own home is the new ‘out out.’ But inevitably, you invite friends over and suddenly realise that while you may have some of the more speciality items covered for your home bar, you've completely overlooked the basics - like a bottle opener or cocktail stirrer.

Sound familiar? If you haven’t even scratched the surface on completing your bar yet, you’re probably looking for a few home bar ideas for inspiration.

1. Transform your kitchen shelves

If you’re tight on space and you’ve only got a few shelves to work with, don’t be disheartened. Any space – large or small – can radiate luxury with a bit of love and the right accessories. Decorate your shelves with house plants, artwork, and cocktail recipe books to give the area a touch of personality. You could even add one or two sleek, dark bar stools to help sharpen up your backdrop.

2. Build a bar cabinet

A bar cabinet makes any living area complete. When closed, it blends right into the sophisticated living space. But when the clock strikes five and the doors swing open, it feels like a fully-fledged bar. They’re also very roomy, leaving plenty of leftover space for your essential bar accessories – and of course, the bottles of wine and bubbly.

3. Put a modern twist on a vintage trolley

An antique tea trolley or even a retro bar cart can instantly infuse a sense of style and uniqueness to your home. Exuding luxury and sophistication, a vintage-inspired drinks trolley easily radiates glamour and elegance, so you don’t have to go overboard with decorative pieces.

Home drinks bar accessories
Home drinks bar accessories

How to style bar accessories

Serving opulent style is as important as serving delicious drinks. So once you’ve made the final call on the style of home bar you like, it’s time to start experimenting and getting creative with accessories to add your own creative flare.

The best home bar accessories will effortlessly make your bar a focal point of your home, so picking out the right ones can be the difference between an elegant work of art and an over-cluttered mess. To get you started, here are a few key styling tips to consider:

1. Use statement glassware

Styling a bar cabinet is more than just placing a few wine glasses and a cocktail tumbler next to your tipple of choice. But over-crowding your bar space is also in the red zone when it comes to chic and clean interior style. As glassware is usually the more costly element of a home bar, you’ll want to display it proudly. By opting for a few statement glassware pieces, you’re exuding a sense of luxury without being overly flamboyant. Try placing a two or three champagne or wine glasses in skittle formation next to a statement piece, such as a crystal decanter or vase. And in front, display a pair of glass whisky tumblers or brandy glasses. This becomes your statement glassware, for decorative bar accessories to complement it – without outshining it.

2. Balance out your colours

Adding a pop of colour to a home bar is easy, as the drinks display tends to take care of this for you. Along with displaying your favourite statement glassware and bottles of spirits, don't forget to add natural elements to your home bar, such as a lavish vase of flowers that match the shades of your interiors or a bowl of citrus fruits to be used as garnishes in your drinks. For nights where you’ll be entertaining guests or for seasonal parties, a serveware dish for sweets, nuts or savoury snacks also wouldn’t go amiss.

3. Don’t forget the basics

It’s easy to get carried away with décor when styling a bar cabinet, but you mustn’t forget about the essential bar accessories. Without the basics, you’ll be at a loss when it comes to what’s really important – serving up delicious beverages to guests.

An ice bucket that keeps drinks cool, crisp and chilled is the first priority, closely followed by a good quality decanter that expertly preserves the flavour and aroma of spirits. But when it comes to happy hour, you’ll want to be prepared to rustle up your favourite cocktail, too. That means finding a place for a cocktail stirrer, shaker, strainer and spirit measure. And of course, no cocktail or gin is complete without the accompanying garnish, so introducing a bar board and knife to your barware collection is also worth a second thought. Beyond that, you’ll also need a bottle opener, corkscrew, ice tongs and a cork stopper. So all in all, there’s a lot of essential bar accessories that are required for serving everyone’s tipple of choice.

Home drinks bar accessories
Home drinks bar accessories

Essential bar accessories: The Nambé Edit

So what are the best home bar accessories? At Nambé, we have a luxury collection of barware and bar accessories that have been expertly crafted by award-winning designers and artists from all over the world. Made with authentic acacia wood, stunning glass and our unique metal alloy, our essential bar accessories make a real style statement, elevating the everyday home. From cocktail shakers and bar snack dishes to sleek glassware and desirable decanters, we’ve got everything your home drinks bar needs to shine.

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Bar Accessories: The Essentials

Whatever your interior style is, there’s a bar cart to match. But which bar accessories should you choose? And how do you style them? Find out in our guide.

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