8 Kitchen Essentials for Dining at Home

Looking for stylish kitchen accessories that ooze luxury? We’ve got you covered. Add the finishing touches to your kitchen and dining space with our guide.

Cheese and wine night essentials

8 kitchen essentials for dining at home

Much like a delicious meal without a garnish, no kitchen is complete without accessories. But what are the must-have kitchen accessories for every home? And what is the best way to style them? Whether you're cooking a gourmet meal, hosting a cheese and wine night or simply serving up a few canapes for a quiet evening at home, the smallest accessories can make the biggest difference to the ambience and aesthetic of a room.

So, if you’re wondering how to style your kitchen essentials on the table or which serving utensils are needed for the perfect home dining experience, we’ve got you covered.

1. Rolling Pin

The rolling pin is a classic tool that belongs in every kitchen, regardless of décor or interior. Until you’re without one, you don’t realise how much of a necessity a rolling pin is. To make a real style statement, opt for one that has a refined shape, a substantial weight and a shiny metal finish.

Rolling pin kitchen essential
2. Pepper Mill

A contemporary pepper mill needs to be strong enough to crack and grind peppercorns with ease, but you’ll also want one that matches the rest of your tableware and serveware. A clear glass or rustic wood pepper mill are the perfect choices for adding a pinch of style and spice to every dish. Our high-quality pepper mill is a vital kitchen essential for every table occasion, expertly crafted with Acacia wood.

Pepper mill kitchen essential
3. Spoon Rest

Often overlooked, a spoon rest works to keep kitchen countertops sparkling, while also offering an attractive and practical landing spot for cutlery and cooking tools when you’re busy in the kitchen. A modern-day kitchen essential, don’t underestimate the ease and quality that a spoon rest brings to everyday life.

Spoon rest kitchen essential
4. Kitchen Utensils

The most crucial kitchen essential of them all – serving utensils. Whether it’s serving ladles, kitchen tongs or a salad spoon, your kitchen utensils should be crafted with the highest quality materials. After all, they need to be functional and bring a sense of simplicity to everyday serving. Our range of kitchen utensils and serveware tools are perfectly designed to make dining and entertaining at home effortless, whether you’re serving pasta, salad, mussels or meat.

Kitchen essentials
5. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are the perfect tool to bring a touch of personality to your table. From whimsical shapes to charismatic colours, a salt and pepper set can easily capture a sense of fun and character for all occasions, making every meal a flavoursome one.

Dining table accessories
6. Condiment Server

Nothing ruins the luxury of a perfect table setting more than a runaway plastic sauce bottle. For the ultimate level of sophistication, add a condiment sever to your kitchen or dining setting. From sauces and nibbles to canapes and dips, a condiment server is an all-purpose kitchen essential that should never go a-miss.

Condiment and sauce server
7. Cheese Board

Smart, classic and timeless - a cheese board is a must for entertaining at home. Designed to display and present your favourite cheeses, the ideal cheese board should feature a durable surface that stands the test of time, while also oozing artistry and glamour. Our warm Acacia wood cheese board features lustrous stainless-steel inset accents, with an added knife and spreader for practicality.

Cheese board dining table accessories
8. Centrepiece Bowl

A statement piece for every table setting, a centralised bowl can be utilised for presenting décor or serving food. Making a contemporary style statement when placed on a table or gracing a buffet, a centrepiece bowl brings all your kitchen accessories together in harmony.

Dining table accessories

How to style a kitchen with accessories

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. Used for everything from cooking and dining to cocktail making and coffee drinking, your kitchen should be a calming, inspirational space. And in a busy kitchen, aesthetics can be overlooked. But a few charming accessories and kitchen essentials can effortlessly bring the ambience together.

Firstly, a kitchen should be clutter-free, and you can easily enhance the visual landscape of your countertops by elevating those items using a vintage basket or a modern silver tray to position your accessories and essentials, such as sugar and coffee pots or herbs and spices.

A contemporary, flawless kitchen should radiate luxury from the off. That’s why a clean, sleek space offers more appeal than a crowded, cluttered one. Your kitchen accessories should blend seamlessly with your interiors - whether you have a traditional style kitchen or a shiny state-of-the-art one - as they complement the décor, while also bringing a unique feel of authenticity and uniqueness to your home.

Ultimately, when understanding how to style a kitchen with accessories, less is more. Don’t overdo it, but also don’t be afraid to show off your personality with one or two statement pieces, like an elegant vase or a luxury fruit bowl.

Looking for must-have kitchen accessories?

Ready to add the finishing touches to your kitchen and dining space? At Nambé, we have a luxury collection of kitchen essentials that have been expertly crafted by award-winning designers and artists. Made with authentic Acacia wood, stunning crystal and our own metal alloy materials, our kitchen and dining table accessories are guaranteed to make a real style statement, elevating the everyday home. From bold centrepiece bowls and stylish utensils to sleek serveware and lavish dining table accessories, we’ve got everything your kitchen needs to shine.

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